Benefits of cleansing

Benefits of cleansing

Benefits of using sage & palo Santo 🌱

Califoria white sage is a sacred herb to the North American Indians and its used for purification, healing and cleansing. Sage carries the virtues of strength and wisdom while it banishes evil, it is valused as an aromatic herb and burned as incense.

The aromatic herb has been used for centuries as incense and in smudge pots for ceremonial use * thus its common name of white ceremonial sage. In addition to being burned as incense, white sage has medicinal uses. Burning leaves have been used to fumigate a house or dwelling after a contagion, and to purify the air during illnesses. It is a very strong anti-inflammatory
sage clears bacteria in the air. Sage smoke offers rapid delivery to the brain and efficient absorption to the body. Scientists have observed that sage can clear up to 94 percent of airborne bacteria in a space and disinfect the air. When sage is burned, it releases negative ions, which is linked to putting people into a positive mood. The Latin word for sage salvia stems form the word heal. Other qualities believed to be associated with sage when burned are giving wisdom, clarity, and increasing spiritual awareness. Cleansing with sage regularly keeps the energy of ourselves our space & our crystals vibing high and it’s at the forefront of my practice for taking care of my energy body. Be sure to use good quality ethically sourced sage 🌱

Palo santo or holy wood is from a wild tree native to Peru and other countries of South America. The tree belongs to the same family as frankincense & myrrh and has long been used for its spiritual purifying properties. Light this wood as you would a sage smudge stick and use the smoke to cleanse yourself or your space , you can pass your crystals through the smoke of this to cleanse them.

Palo Santo vs sage for energetic clearing
Sage Is said to clear ALL energy, the good and the bad. ... Palo santo on the other hand, is said to cleanse negative energy and bring in the good. I like to incorporate both of these energetic clearing methods to assist in my healing.

To cleanse with a sage smudge stick or palo santo stick
🌱 I like to ground my energy before cleansing by putting bare feet flat on the floor & visualising tree like roots coming from the soles of the feet anchoring deep down into Mother Earth , this is a way of earthing any of our unwanted electrical energy back down into the earth this helps with the cleansing process by keeping us centred.
🌱 ensure the room is well ventilated to allow the stagnant energy to flow out
🌱 light the end of the smudge and gently blow out
🌱 with the smudge stick burning you can go around the room holding the intention of any negative or stagnant energy being removed I like to start guiding the smoke from ceiling to floor visualising it being brought back down and given to Mother Earth to be absolved, this practice is totally unique to you so see what works for you you may like to wave the smoke clockwise and do your own visualisation
As long as you hold the intent to cleanse for the highest good that’s all’s that matters
🌱 you can use your own mantra whilst cleansing such as
With this sage I cleanse my space of all negativity ... I invite fresh renewed energy in ...
or whatever feels right for you
I always give thanks & gratitude afterwards

🌱to cleanse your crystals with sage simply pass your crystals through the smoke of sage before charging
Hold the intention to cleanse

🌱you can then place them on a selenite charging stick or in the light of the sun/ moon to charge

🌱 to cleanse yourself or your aura
I like to pass the smoke along all of my chakra points from crown to base then clockwise around my aura a few inches away from my body
Holding the intention to clear my energy.
Again you can develop a way what feels right for you and you can add your own mantra if you wish.
You can use the same guidance for using palo santo exactly the same way
This is just a little bit of guidance, remember there’s no right or wrong as long as your intention is to cleanse & refresh have a play around and see what works for you.

Happy cleansing 🌱🌿🍃



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