Moon phases - harnessing the power of the moon by Fontaine

Moon phases - harnessing the power of the moon by Fontaine

Humanity has always been fasinated with the moon but what is that big silver orb that floats in our sky and what is it trying to tell us.
The moon is a natural satellite of the earth and our closest friend on our 365 day journey around the sun, also in our neverending quest through spacetime.
The moon holds no life,water or light so the light you see on the moon is a reflection of the sun, the light and shape shifting are called (phases) which repeat every 28/29 days just like the menstrual cycle of a female.
It is the different phases which are responsible for our constantly changing moods, emotions and feeling.
So shall we listen or shall we ingnore?

Attention! Let's set intentions humanity.
It's New Moon and for me this is my favourite moon phase. It's time to plant seeds (aka) thoughts, it's time to use our imagination to seek out the inner child in us and to bring all our dreams into reality. The imagination plays a major role in helping to manifest our dreams into reality, you see to me it's like a little movie in my minds eye I can see it all happening and you could all do it too.
My New Moon ritual is personal and
I don't do what books or videos tell me to do, I do what feels good for me and what works for ME, but I'll tell you just to give you all an idea
1.I find a quiet spot and focus on breathing because i need to listen, i need to be able to hear what my higher self is trying to tell me it is very important to be still before setting Intentions.
2. I always do a visualization meditation during this phase a movie in the mind I call it. Have you heard the saying if you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hands, I certainly believe this to be true for I have manifested quite a lot using the technique.
3.I use incense ,candles and I highly recommend using CLEAR QUARTZ during New Moon phase.
4. I write out my intentions too, that's a bit part, then the idea has gone from nonphysical to physical by transfer from mind to paper.
5. I drink moon water 🙈
I talk to a bottle of water, yes I talk to water, I tell the water my goals and dreams too because water holds much energy ,I leave the water out over night and then drink in morning.
Just because you can't see the New moon like you do when it's Full Moon don't mean she not working her magic she's charging that water believe me.
So humanity that was a little insight on what we should be focusing on during this very powerful phase, your imagination is everything use it to create your dream life and for service to others, use it to Cocreate.
Also just like full moon it is important to take into consideration the star sign New moon falls under for this may tell you something about your best course of action or the area of your life you should focus on.
Love you all humanity FONTAINE XX
Hello Humanity,
Let's talk waxing crescent.
The waxing crescent Moon comes after New Moon and the word waxing means to get bigger and nearer to Full Moon. The waxing crescent is a powerful phase, for the thoughts you planted at New Moon begin to come into reality.
In this phase Humanity please try and accept all things in your life even the challenging ones because these are old energy's leaving your life to make way for new dreams and realities so put all attention on your dreams and generate light. It's a time for love ,self love , family and friends and loving your craft.
A rose quartz crystal is good for this phase a phase for love and light.
Welcome humanity to the first quarter moon phase ,known by many as the half moon.
The first quarter is about 7 to 8 days after New Moon and things in your life that needed to be resolved should be well in hand, you also should be in a position to make commitments and stay committed to the seeds you planted during New Moon. One needs to create order in one's life so it is often a time for hard work and effort and a time to lay down firm foundations for ones future by taking action! after all said an done when everything is tangible and real you can relax. I would recommend wearing a carnelian crystal durning this moon phase.

Say hello to the waxing gibbous moon humanity the phase that makes you feel like you've got your shit together but that's BULL SHIT because this phase gives off a energy that you have to go against the grain and if you don't know this you will suffer during the cycle.
You probably all feel like this is a time of comfort and things are going right for you and you may even become a little lazy, be warned humanity don't let this relaxed feeling pull the wool over your 3rd eye. In any areas where you have lacked during this phase it's the last chance to sort your shit out and attend to details that conclude a project.
To me the waxing gibbous moon is a time for reconciliation especially if there has been any riffs ,because it won't just be you feeling this way,we all will so making a few compromises won't go a miss either.
I would highly recommend using the Tigers eye crystal during this phase and listening to surviver eye of the Tiger 😂🙈
Don't loose focus humanity

Hi humanity it's full moon phase and I'm going to be brutally honest with you here, life will feel quite challenging during this phase and something might of even provoked you to act like a bit of a lunatic , hence LUNA MOON, but if you made all the right moves earlier in the cycle that I have written about it could be in your favour and what I mean about favour is SIGNS definite sign EVERYWHERE, numbers , synchronicity even songs on the radio that have answers to questions you have asked this means you are in flow and alignment and the universe has your back. Now on the other hand if your life is bedlam then you really need to release whatever is holding you back from moving forward it's a major time for releasing what no longer serves you, everyone has to release their own thing so it's hard for me to explain but I know this, if you don't release and carry it over all I can say is may the force be with you.
I would highly recommend working with selenite crystal and wearing moon stone during this phase.
Also don't forget to consider the signs that hold the moon, as these may suggest likely affects eg Full moon in Gemini.

Waning gibbous.
The moon is waning now which means it's getting smaller and I know for sure there will be feelings of euphoria or depression from a project you did or didn't do.
I need you all to understand that it is what it is, and that this time in the present is not time for change its time to analyse things from your past experience the good stuff and the bad. There is still energy to spare so you could really do with finishing things off you have not done. ( Hence my moon phases)
This part of the cycle is important humanity, it's imagination time, time to think outside the box it's time to formulate ideas time to bring out the GOD IN YOU.
I would highly recommend wearing and working with Citrine it's amazing for creativity.
Love you all Humanity Fontaine. XXX

During this moon phases myself personally I like to reflect on what has gone to plan and what hasn't, who I need in my life and who I don't and remember too learn from theses lessons.
This moon phases is about responsibility and taking a course of action towards what you would like in your life.
Also around this time people may be doing your head in or even seem impossible to get in touch with , so I just turn to solitude because it's compelet waste of energy trying to do something in a PATIENCE PHASE especially if it's all to do with a better future.
Remember solitude is still taking action it's work on the self.
I would highly recommend working with Obsidian during this phase.

Waning crescent
It's ok humanity I understand how your feeling and I'm here to help .
This part of the moon phase is so draining if you don't understand what's happening.
For me I can feel myself emptying, I can feel the things that were brought to light by full moon,so I understand how to surrender. The waning crescent will carry on pulling unwanted things up to the surface so you need to realise, it's things we don't need to carry with us old energies trying to leave getting ready for New Moon making space for new ideas, dreams , goals even relationships
We all go through this phase for a least 14 days , near the end of the 14 days days of letting go you will feel every emotional but me I just cry it out. I know what's happening so I don't feel depressed like I use to I know THIS TOO WILL PASS.
The moon is female and she feels what we feel she is telling us let go of anger, negativity and self doubt.
During this phase me personally I like to go inwards I sit outside an breath I let it all out, I surrender and I surrender to a power more grater then me a power that is going to guide me to greater things.
If your not a big believer of the power more greater than you just bloody declutter your house or sort your wardrobe out but remove something that no longer serves you.
Work with bloodstone during this phase.
You can do this humanity
Quote from Elsa LET IT GOOOOO.

 Written by Fontaine Victoria lysaght 

 Moon photo credit - Alex Ellison @alex_photography_96 


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