New year cleanse & re focus 💫

New year cleanse & re focus 💫

New year cleanse & re -focus 💯✅

The art of cleansing & letting go not only frees us from old attachments but it Creates a space within us to allow & welcome the new. How can there be room for more if we are holding on so tightly to all that has gone 🙏🏻 it’s ok to let go 💜

We can use our intention to let go of the old today. We can do this on any given time or day but as it’s approaching a new year & at the start of new decade why not choose to make space today by starting to cleanse your energy field & space.
Here’s a couple of ways we can prepare for the new year energy 🌪✅💫

💎de - clutter & clean a space in your home, get rid of items you don’t use. Recycle them , gift them to people who will use them.

💎with the extra room you have cleared , create a small space in your home for quiet time , it doesn’t have to be big or fancy it can be a comfy cushion in a corner with your favourite crystals or a book. Or even just incense & relaxing music whatever you’ve got, Make this your place for quiet , promise yourself you’ll sit here for at least 10 mins a day to clear your mind, with no phone , read something uplifting , meditate, do some visualising, hold a crystal & just focus on your breath, sit here to write a gratitude list , or close your eyes & send love out to people who need it feel the energy radiating from your heart going to others , or just sit in silence.
Mix it up do what you’re drawn to do , If you stick to this for the full year for only 10 mins a day , that’s an extra 3650 minutes of self care that you previously didn’t have, so much growth happening in those minutes , that will have benefited you so much over the year , if you remain consistent, when you look back you will see how much clarity you gained from just sparing yourself those 10 mins a day. You’ll find as you go on you’ll want to take longer in this space. Don’t bull shit yourself with “I don’t have time” that’s an illusion.
We all have the same time , we just have to take it.

💎take a salt bath - Himalayan salt ( you can buy it from the home & bargain for £3.49 )cleanse the body of old stagnant energy visualise old energy being drained down the plug hole

💎cleanse yourself & your space with sage or palo santo , cleanse your crystals

💎write a list of all things that you’d like to leave here right now , give thanks for all the lessons & growth & burn the paper, as you burn it visualise everything disappearing in the smoke. ( please burn outside )

💎write 10 things you are grateful for read them aloud & feel really feel the gratitude in your heart 💜🙏🏻

💎 sit in a 5 minute visualisation eyes closed bare feet flat on the floor visualise your connection to the earth through your feet , visualise your life how & what are you going to create, this is all within your power you are a co- creator, you have everything you need already inside of you to create the life of your dreams harness your inner power, by imagining & speaking it into existence, don’t forget to add the action 🌪💯 be the doer

💎spend some time in meditation, if you find it hard to meditate just sit in silence with calming music on favourite crystal or incense and relax , focus on your breath

💎write a list of 10 doable things you are going to achieve or maintain in the new year & make a promise to yourself to be consistent , keep the paper somewhere safe, place a cleansed & charged citrine crystal on the paper & check on it before the next new year. It’s such a lovely end to the year to check your list & reflect.

I’ve just looked back on last years intentions that I had written for myself , mostly they were things I wanted to accomplish for others & lots of inner work that I wanted to work through and just to look back and see that I’ve worked through so much stuff is amazing, I’ve not achieved every single thing but that’s ok progress over perfection, through working on myself & holding a space for others I’ve not only grown & healed, I’ve also received so much unexpected abundance in so many ways. What I’m most grateful for is The abundance of People showing up to help me & guide me on my journey when I really needed it , And for that I am so grateful 🙏🏻
It’s a lovely little end to the year to reflect & take stock
If things didn’t go to plan look back reflect , take the lessons but don’t stare back for long , remember we’re not going that way. Most rejections are just re-directions & there’s growth in every test & lesson 💯👏🏻

Let’s Keep all our power focussed on the strength we’ve gained & what we can do right now 🔥🔥🔥

Let’s prepare 💫🌪

Old energy is clearing
New energy is entering
Great things are coming 🌪💯✅

2019 thank you for the lessons & blessings
2020 we are ready , let’s heal together , let’s look out for each other , let’s rise together
Wish you all the most best intentions today & everyday
All my love
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