Full moon ritual 💛

Full moon ritual 💛

This evening is full moon. 
I thought I would share my own full moon ritual with you all. 
full moon to me is the theme of burn & release, a time for letting go and creating space to welcome the new. 
Remember it’s important to feel into your own energy and always do what feels aligned with you. 

I start by taking some deep breaths and connecting in with myself.  
I play some music that relaxes me. 
I light incense or burn herbs, make sure you do this safely in a well ventilated room. 

I ground my energy by placing my bare feet flat on the floor & visualising tree like roots growing from the souls of my feet & anchoring deep into the ground, I use black tourmaline for this ritual by holding it in my hand or placing by my feet. see the roots growing thick and strong through every layer of the earth & connecting at the core centre of the earth, feel the sensations in your feet really feel into the connection, remembering that you are creating this feeling, everything is about intention, if you intend to ground you are doing it correctly. 
As you sit with this connection affirm to yourself 

I am safe, I am grounded, I am protected. 

next I practice some gratitude for the lessons in the past phase, I show gratitude for all that I have learned no matter how tough it has been. 

I then take a pen & paper & I write down all I want to let go of, I really feel into this process by taking my time, once finished I read over everything I have written with the intention to let go. 
I then go outside close my eyes feel the moons energy on my body, if the moon is visible I will look for a while but if not I will just bask in the energy, if the moon is not visible it’s energy is still present. 

I then burn what I want to let go of and as the smoke rises I visualise myself letting go. 
I then give thanks & repeat to myself 

and so it is 

and so it shall be 


It’s an ideal time to cleanse & charge your crystals if you’re drawn to, I have too many to place outside so I will either place along the window ledges if I’m drawn to, or just hold the intention and ask for a cleanse & re-charge of my crystals, remember placement is not essential as the full moon energy is all around us. Learn to use intention & trust in yourself & the energies that be. 

I spend some further time inside eyes closed focusing on my breath for some time, anchoring in to this new cleared energy. 

I hope this information helps you in some way. 
It’s important to learn to tune into your own energy and do what feels right to you. 

manifest the best 

full moon blessings 💛



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